Last minute rush to find food on-campus

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activities… Today has been no different.

I had planned on going out to lunch today, and while I did actually leave work, it was to run errands. Therefore I didn’t get a chance to grab a bite to eat.

I’m fortunate to work on a university campus that has various food options available… So I took a quick walking trip to the student union in search of a low-carb meal.

Originally, I was going to grab a lettuce-wrapped burger from one place, but really felt like a salad and remembered the new Greek themed spot. Here is my beef gyro Greek salad (I added my own avocado) and Diet Coke:    (I ate most of the beef gyro before taking the photo)

While it was one of the more expensive lunches that I’ve had recently, I feel like it not only is a healthier option, but fulfills my desire to stay on the low-carb track.

Cheers to all! *clinking salad filled forks*


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