Buffalo Chicken Salad

So I’ve been remiss in keeping up on posting… But I have quite a few photos and ideas of some delicious low-carb meal ideas that I hope to get posted very soon.

First up is the Buffalo Chicken Salad!  It’s like having Buffalo Wings and a salad all in one!

Mixing everything up
Finished product… Delicioso!

The salad topping mixture is really just a mashup of various things that I thought sounded like good matches: celery, green bell peppers, avocado, blue cheese crumbles, canned chicken, Buffalo hot sauce, and a little mayonnaise. I suppose adding hard boiled eggs, bacon, and or green onions would also be good additions to the mix.

All of this was used as a topping to a bed of fresh spinach… And then served to my salvating mouth within a few minutes.

So delish and definitely worth making over and over again!