About Beth M


This blog was started on a whim, in order to allow Beth time to procrastinate from working on her final research paper (come on Beth, get back to work!).

Residing in Southern California, where the weather is the main reason why anyone would move here, Beth lives in a comfortable little suburban house with her mom and their 3 cats.  Yes, they have officially become the crazy cat ladies of the neighborhood.

In order to break the monotony of the deadly full-time worker and full-time student schedule, Beth enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend (aka S.O., or significant other), and catching up on Netflix/Amazon Prime.

While she considers herself a foodie, she’s just an average cook, as you will see by the photos of her meals, which of course she plans on sharing with you.  And you may get to witness her crafty side, when she has a moment to work on something in her off time, such as crocheting baby blankets, or sewing a simple dress.

Another passion of Beth’s is to travel, whether it is to local destinations that she has yet to visit, or to far off lands where she can stay with friends for free.  Since graduation is just around the corner, you can bet to see Beth and the S.O. traveling more and sharing their experiences.


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