And I’m Officially Done With School (for now)

Last night was my final time turning in an assignment. It’s been a crazy long and curvy road, but I’ve FINALLY completed my bachelors of science degree!

The best part is that I will be graduating with high honors… Something that little, immature, and not ready to take on the world Beth never would have imagined, when she first stepped onto her college campus almost 16 years ago!

While I plan on getting into a masters program, it won’t be until fall 2017… I need to take a breather – I know what you’re thinking, “A breather? Didn’t it take you long enough to get this degree?” Well yes and no.

I made a conscious decision 4 years ago to go back to school, and started taking classes on my 30th birthday (literally). Once I finished all of my general education requirements, I was fortunate to get into a great accelerated online program at a private university. The past 18 months have been insane and grueling. So I feel like a little break.

I want to focus on things that makes me happy, like traveling, hanging out with friends, relaxing and watching tv without feeling guilty… You know just simply live my life.

I am excited to attend the graduation ceremony back East though! I’ll finally get the opportunity to meet my cohort classmates that have been through the same pain and joy, laughter and tears.

Plus, I’m excited to travel to a part of the country that I have yet to visit. One that is so rich in our country’s history and culture.

In the meantime, I must consider how I want to decorate my graduation cap. I’ve pinned a whole bunch of ideas to my Pinterest board… But I saw this quote last night, and thought it was too funny not to share!

photo credit : snagged from a post on Pinterest